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The Right Media Strategy that will move you toward check mate.
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How to have a Successful Media Buying Campaign?



The Queen is one of the most important parts of chess as it has the most important moves and the possible scenario to protect the king. The Queen is the Media Buying Strategy evaluating the possible scenarios and outcomes.


Target Audience

A very important factor in developing a good media buying is choosing your target audience Like the Knight, our target audience moves in many directions, demographics, geolocation, behavior, and interests.

Where &When?

Time & Place

The Bishop can move diagonally and can go to places that other pieces can’t, with the right move at the right time the bishop can help you in winning. In Media buying Platform and Timing is the bishop they are they an important part in achieving the best results with the best techniques.


Analyze and Improve

An important factor to checkmate in Media buying is testing your results and knowing why you have those results, How to develop and get the best results is another important element..

Sales Qualified Lead

Creative Ad +Target Audience + Placement+Cost.


The platform is one of the most important key elements in achieving Sales Qualified Lead. The tone and the content on each platform differ so your knowledge of the platform will help you create the ideal Ad. We create the perfect Ad on each platform.

Creative Ads

We create Creative Ads that captivate your audience through various types of Ads on different platforms, the right content, the perfect design, and the call to action that will make them convert.

Types of Creative Ads

  • Static Display Ads
  • Interactive Ads
  • Animated Ads
  • Banner Ads


Select the expenditure that suits you and upon the cost expect the sales.

  • Competition
  • Content
  • Design
  • CTA


We create Ads that are based on your potential client’s persona, the more the audience is specified the better for your ad. We are talented in targeting your audience based on:

  • Buyer Persona
  • Custom Audience
  • Look-Alike
  • Special Ad Audience



















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